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Red Umbrella

Red Umbrella

About Red Umbrella

Canadian-born indie rockers, Red Umbrella will be showcasing their unique sound at this summer's Fandana. Creativity will be a-flowing at their set. With a decidedly Brit-pop flavor reminiscent of The Beatles, Red Umbrella is accentuated by the new-wave flair of American hipsters, The Killers. The common thread is catchy melodies and an atmospheric sound.

Make sure to check out one of their performances during your Fandana weekend experience. They will not disappoint.

  • Huntington University
  • Reusser Design, LLC.
  • WBCL
  • Star 88.3
  • Remedy Live
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Youth For Christ
  • Be My Vote
  • Bott Radio Network
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